Tuesday, 24 February 2015

On The Move

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Sunday, 8 February 2015

The Wrong Attitude

Sometimes I am dismayed at what I read on forums, message boards and social networking.  Everyone who knows me, knows that I am a very much "can do will do" type of person.  I don't expect anything from anyone, I don't pray that they'll make another appointment soon, I take every day as it comes and I am thankful for the repeat appointments, I am pleased to welcome new gentlemen into my life for the first time and I am sad when a few people drop by the wayside.

Recently, I have seen many instances of bad manners displayed by escorts towards their clients.  One female escort I know in Scotland has an appalling attitude towards clients, she has a work twitter account and a private one and the private account is full of hatred towards the men who make appointments with her.  If it is destroying her that much then she really needs to find herself an alternative career and step away from sex work.  Very few people are forced into sex work, contrary to what the media would like you to believe and so I don't accept the argument that people are stuck in a position that they can't get out of, some are yes, but most arn't.  I walked into this work with my eyes wide open.  I knew exactly what I was getting myself into.

We all see guys we don't like, if you worked in Sainsbury's you'd have customers through your checkout who you wouldn't particularly like but you just get on with it because it's your job.  Over the years I have had to ignore the calls of one or two clients because I wouldn't want to see them again but I would never be rude to them.  A few years ago I had an awful appointment which turned my stomach.  It was a cross dressing client, who I may add I had seen on three previous occasions, he arrived with his high heels and mini skirt, in a bag and came out of the bathroom with a pair of period stained knickers on his head to sniff.  The stench was stomach churning !!!  He proudly announced they were his 23 year old step daughters underwear and that he found them in the washing basket.  This was the height of vulgarity and I endured a whole hour of this scenario.  I ignored his calls for 3 months afterwards and then out of the blue he sent a text asking if I was still active and working.  The texts went back an forth with me making excuses and then eventually when he wasn't playing ball, I had to be forthright and stern and ask him to stop contacting me, he asked why of course and then he was reminded about the panty incident.  He apologised and said he had always enjoyed our time together.  I replied I hadn't and his reply was "Well but I did.... and that's what matters".  Once again, the wrong attitude.  Just because you're paying for my time it doesn't mean I have to endure the stench of ripe period pants.

When this incident occurred, I never went onto Twitter and said "Vile Appointment".  I only ever report on appointments when I have something good and positive to say.  If I have a bad appointment (which is rare) I will talk about here on the blog.  Every week I will have an appointment with someone who I don't particularly like but I just shrug it off as an hour of my time I will never get back and then just get on with my life.  The other guys I will see during the course of a week will be wonderful experiences and so one difficult arrogant arsehole isn't going to upset my week.

What annoys me about the bad attitude that prevails is that in any other profession, say for example you were a builder, you'd never go home at night and write on your twitter wall "Nasty twat at 14 Glenside, I swear I'll swing for him next time he opens his mouth" but some escorts will do exactly that.  I was shocked recently to read an altercation on the private account of an escort.  A client worked out what her private account was and said hello and she was downright awful to him, preaching on about it's being her private space and he was not welcome to speak.  If it's your private space then lock the damn account because an open twitter account is not private space.  I dislike seeing screen prints with telephone numbers displayed too.  Yes the text has annoyed you and you're showing the world what you have to put up with (I screenprint from time to time) but give the guy a bit of privacy, crop his bloody number, email address or adultwork handle out please.  He might have been rude to you, timewasted you in the past or generally like sending you stupid texts but he's probably got a family and now you've gone and highlighted who he probably is and if anyone cares to type the number into Google they could easily come up with the firm of solicitors he works for or the maintenance garage he owns.

Clients can have the wrong attitude too.  The thing I hate the most is bartering.  I charge £100 for a local outcall, not £80 nor £70 and £100 is not going to get you 90 minutes either  If you want 100% then pay 100%.  Don't say "Well will you do it for........" then have a list of services you want as long as your arm. I've no time for men who want a discount then expect twice the service.

There's a lot of the wrong attitude about.  I embrace the career that I have built for myself in the sex industry, I try to have a good attitude and I don't always get it right but I try, wherever possible, to show my personality and give out the right signals.  You're never going to be a success as an escort with the wrong signals or attitude, especially not these days when your presence on social media is a huge part of your success.  Clients don't want to see you arguing with people on twitter, they want to see you being happy, having a glass of wine, taking pictures of your pets, baking a quiche, buying new shoes and being a generally nice person. Having an unbeat account attracts more of the good clientele than one winging about clients, swerfs, patriarchy, martrirchy, poverty and general woe and betide.  It's the job of an escort to make their readership feel good about themselves because they are a potential client base.  Many first impressions these days start with social media so please......... take my advice and make sure you have the The Right Attitude.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Sexy Phone Chat

For years I have offered phone and text sex chat via Adultwork, I have never made a penny from it.  They charge escorts for everything on top of the standard service and so I have always used the awarded credits against displaying my phone number or listing my availability. I don't mind using the money that way because I get it back in other ways by increased appointments from guys who can see that I display my number and who then make appointments from my profile on that site, rather than waste time using their notoriously slow and unreliable email service.
Last year I branched out and looked for alternative ways to take payment for private sex chat.  I obtained a licence to offer live sex chat and I also found other ways to offer what's called "Live Call Back, where you pay in advance by credit or debit card and I call you back and initiate the conversation at my expense.  It was quite slow to begin with but over the last few months it has become somewhat of an explosion.

Most days I will receive 6 to 10 sex chat phone calls and I will maybe take 3 or 4 sex text requests a month.   I can do live chat at most times but I don't advertise the number as a 24/7 service, it's only available on request.  I am often escorting and entertaining gentlemen and so I can't always offer sex chat on demand.  This way I can sort of control when the calls will be happening, I do still get on-spec calls but on the whole, most guys will let me know if they want to call me for a repeat phone chat session.

Most of the calls are just general "I am on the bed with my cock out" type calls.  Some want me to be "Sir", others want to have a wank in the car, some men are at work, some guys are at home with the wife in the next room and many late night calls are guys sitting alone in a hotel room.  All sorts of guys ring for all sorts of reasons and some of them have resulted in appointments.

I've recently met a guy at a hotel in Newcastle who used to phone me via the Adultwork system.  He was quite shocked to learn that I had never pocketed any of the money from the hundreds of calls I did last year.  I explained that it's just not worth my while because not only do they subtract a fee from every call but they all subtract more if you withdraw it.  It's just a little jobbing, on the sideline, service that I offer and it's more useful to be kept as credits.

I met another guy late last year from the South West.  He used my credit card live call back service quite a few times and I did a blog post about the encounter.

Sex work isn't just shagging blokes in my home on an afternoon or in their hotel on an evening, it's encompasses many different services that can be quite nicely placed under a sex work umbrella.  Sex work is a rich tapestry of different services by different people from different backgrounds. It's not all about physical penetrative sex.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

A Look At 2014

It's that time of the year again when I re-count and re-live the stuff I blogged about and reflect on what I posted.  It was another year of distinct change in my life, one where I feel I have bettered myself and one where I have met a lot of absolutely fabulous gentlemen.  I have travelled all over Europe and the UK this year, met a few famous names and confirmed my status as one of the most sought after gay escorts in the country.  Yes I may live in Newcastle Upon Tyne, away from the glitz and glamour of London but the quality of the gentlemen who visit this city on business and live in and around the region, never fails to amaze me.

I've gained a number of new, regular gentlemen this year, some who have enlisted my service on multiple occasions and who I hope to see a lot more of in 2015.  I have had a few disastrous meetings, been harassed by a few guys and banned countless others but on the whole, over 95% of the men I have seen in 2014 have been very kind, courteous guys and appreciate my attention to detail and of course, my 100% commitment to them.

I made a total of 27 blog posts during the course of the year and the blog changed it's name from The Exploits of a Gay Newcastle Escort to The Journal of a Newcastle Gay Escort.  It was a new sense of maturity in both myself and my writing.  I am always congratulated and praised on my writing skills. Thank you for continuing to read and support the blog.

I started 2014 talking about 2014 itself and my hopes and aspirations for the year ahead, moving swiftly on a few days later about my attention to detail, which can not be matched or surpassed and I ended my posts for the month talking about feedback and how important it is, stating, once again, that return appointments are the best feedback any escort can receive.

I apologised in February for my lack of blog updates.  I had a lot going on in January, not least with the man I visit abroad, travelling back to Newcastle Upon Tyne on a special visit to see me at my home.

March started with a discussion about seeing clients "off the clock", a big fanfare about my new website, which I may add has been well received during 2014, a post about seeing a client who was horrified at me ejaculating in his mouth (even though he asked me to) and I ended the month discussing what the executive clients expect, highlighting the pitfalls they encounter when hiring an escort.

In April, I discussed the client known as Animalistic, who I have literally just seen a few days ago, as it happens.  I touched on the types of guys that I see on a day to day basis, a discussion about how bloody busy I was over the Easter Weekend and I ended the month winging on about guys who ring me asking for advice about how to become a gay escort.

May came and I had one of my bad experiences, a Geordie Shore, cock sure type of guy who had no intention of paying for his appointment.  It was my only post that month and it was one that shocked and surprised many people.  I received a lot of positive feedback about that post, mostly from guys who were concerned about how I was feeling, following that experience.

I didn't post anything in June but I came back in July discussing about why I stay in the sex industry and why this lifestyle appeals to me, I discussed a very good appointment I had with a Yorkshireman in a Washington hotel, mused over being left handed and discussed those stupid silly requests we are asked on a daily basis.

One of my finest posts came in August when I reiterated that my gentlemen friends are not gay.   It's a general misconception that gay escorts see gay clients.  We don't !!!!  My final post in August was about those hard to answer questions that clients put to you that have no right or wrong answer.

September arrived and I discussed the book Male Sex Work and Society, a publication which I was kindly asked to review by New York publishing house, Harrington Park Press and I also discussed how apparently I do this work so well.

I went on holiday in October and therefore took a short hiatus from the blog but I was back full force in November telling you all about another bad experience with a huffy man, a fabulous post about a wonderful appointment I had with a man from the South West of the country who originally started booking phone sex chat sessions with me, subsequently leading to a full on extended appointment, a discussion about the death of my cat and the insensitivities of some clients during that time, I continued by discussing my role in the sex industry and in the lives of my gentleman and I ended with another fine moment, discussing my fabulous overnight incall appointments.

The year 2014 was, on the whole, good to me and I look forward to 2015 with an open heart and an open mind, meeting clients old and new and hopefully bringing some enjoyment and pleasure into many lives along the way.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

The Perfect Overnight

I get a fair few enquiries for overnight appointments, most of which are to visit gentlemen in hotels and occasionally their homes.  I do overnight appointments anywhere, whether it be here in Newcastle Upon Tyne, or somewhere a little further afield like London, Bristol, Leeds, Edinburgh, Dublin or Paris.  I always arrive on time and I am always immaculate.  These overnights tend to be more on the terms of the client than the escort, the client will usually have an itinerary in mind like dinner, theatre or a stroll around the old city with a couple of breaks in between for a glass of wine. but as I have just said these appointments are very much in hands of the client, therefore when an incall overnight at my home is requested, the appointment is reversed, with the itinerary being very much on my terms.

I only offer incall overnights to gentlemen that I have had the pleasure of spending time with previously because 12 to 15 hours is a long time to spend with someone who you have never met before and it helps to have some common ground on an incall overnight so I know how to plan the occasion.  You are spending a lot of money to visit me for the whole evening and therefore the appointment has to be absolutely spectacular.  I had one such overnight at the weekend and here is a run down to what happened and how the evening flowed without an awkward pause or uncomfortable silence.

Friday arrived, it was the day of my incall overnight evening. This appointment was with a gentleman I had met on a number of occasions, for an hour each time.  He asked me if it was possible to visit me for the evening and I made it perfectly clear that my incall overnights were quite expensive.  The price reflects the amount of time that I take to prepare for the appointment and I don't cut any corners on hospitality.  On the day of any overnight appointment, I refuse all other enquiries during the course of the day and and I adhere to this promise, therefore when you see me on the evening, at whatever time your arrival should be, I will be refreshed and ready to concentrate on our time together,

I started the day by vacuuming the entire house from top to bottom, setting out candles, steam mopping the tiled floors, changing the bed, taking particular care to iron all of the bedding perfectly.  I went through my Deezer streaming music app to find some wonderful Jazz albums to play in the living room on the ipod, bought a new scented candle and strategically placed vanilla incense sticks around the house. I planned a menu for the evening.  My incall overnights always include wine, dinner and spirits.  I make the evening more of a date than an escort appointment and as I always say my attention to detail is second to none and can not be matched or surpassed.

I visited a fishmongers, a supermarket and a local specialist butchers during the course of the afternoon.  I devised an exquisite menu.  I already have gin and whisky in the house at all times but I purchased a lovely bottle of prosecco for relaxing with over the open fire and and expensive white wine for dinner.  Knowing that this gentleman loved fish, I created the following menu from scratch and cooked it and served it to perfection


Halloumi and Asparugus, Flash Fried in English Butter with a Home Made Hollandaise Sauce


Slow Cooked Wild Scottish Salmon in Butter and Salt
Buttered Creamy Mashed Potato with Chopped Parsley
Sugar Glazed Oven Roasted Chantenay Carrots and Green Beans


Home Made Strawberry Trifle With Madagascan Vanilla Dairy Cream


This was an exceptional menu which took me a few hours to prepare in the afternoon.  In addition to planning dinner I had visited one of the UK's top butchers, George Payne Butchers, based in Gosforth.  I purchased two of their finest pork sausages, five rashers of bacon and two slices of black pudding.  I am vegetarian but this was purchased with my overnight client completely in mind.  I always make breakfast the following morning and always acquire it from one of the finest butchers in the country.  A treat from me, before you leave to show my appreciation for taking the time to spend your hard earned money on an appointment with me.

The evening went along swimmingly, he arrived on time and we began the evening with a glass of white wine, chilled to perfection and I broke the ice by telling him the funny story about how I acquired the stainless steel ice cooler, the room was filled with candles and tea lights and the fire was flickering away quite softly.  After a brief chat and fondle, he wanted to undress me to see the new underwear I purchased specifically for the appointment.  This is a very personal gesture that I make and one that I know you will appreciate completely.  Having underwear exclusive to that appointment and that appointment alone, that you request, is something I am thrilled to offer and one that is always remembered.  This is one of the extra special touches I go to.  He had asked earlier in the week if I had a red jockstrap, which I do have, yes, but as he's visiting me for overnight and to make it extra special I offered, at my expense, to purchase a brand new red jockstrap exclusively for our time together.  He was quite amazed that I would voluntarily go to so much trouble.  Yes I will, you've gone to a lot of trouble to book the appointment, I will always show my appreciation back ten fold.

After a little a play time, we went through for dinner, which was cooked to perfection.  The night isn't structured but obviously the whole itinerary rests with me so I have to have some sort of plan for the evening.  By 10pm we had finished the starter and the main course and it seemed I was going to be dessert. so we finished the white wine at the table and I opened a bottle of prosecco and served it in champagne flutes.   After becoming the dessert, I served the trifle dessert informally in the living room, in front of the fire with a gin and tonic and we ended up sitting up, chatting over a few drinks about my life, his life, the cats and everything in between and before we knew it, the time was hitting 3am.  After a brief bit of fun, both of us were exhausted and it was time for some rest until morning.

The morning started, as every overnight should, with me taking the lead by ensuring I am immaculately clean before he wakes.  As soon as he awakens I want to be there waiting and prepared as the morning always starts with a little glory, then it's time for him to have a shower and the fabulous hearty full english breakfast before he leaves.

My incall overnights are very well received, I take days to plan the menu, I serve fine wines, I offer fun conversation and I make you, the client, the centre of attention so you can discover what it's like to be treated like a gentleman. You're spending a lot of money to visit me for the evening and none of it is timed.  My gentleman, this weekend, arrived at 7.30pm and left at 9.30am but he could have arrived at 7pm and departed at 11am if he wanted.  There is no pressure on time and it would be awkward if I timed it for a standard 12 hours because what is the fun in that, looking at your watch the next morning and thinking blimey I'd better get a move on or I will go over my time. That is not how an executive escort should conduct themselves.

I have a lovely home, I feel like I am lovely guy and so I want you to experience the best of what this type of service has to offer.  I want you to walk away and think that this was one of the best nights of your life and maybe realise just how much effort and planning went into that overnight from the part of the escort and why my fee reflects the attention to detail and time spent making your evening a night to remember.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

My Role

I used to think my role in the sex industry amounted to nothing more than "occasional, no strings fuck buddy".  How wrong was I to even consider that my role was anything as crass as that or that my own feelings towards myself and my occupation were so nonchalant and selfish.

To many guys I am that occasional, no strings fuck buddy.  To others I am an indulgence, to many I am a much needed service and to a few I am that bit of luxury to help them get through their busy lives.

I have so many private conversations with so many people on so many levels about so many things to do with their own lives, I forget that all of these people are trusting me with personal information that they are happy to volunteer because they trust me.  This trust is such a heart warming, positive daily experience for me and it's something that's never divulged.

The role of an escort and I use escort in the non gender specific model, is that of a person that you can spend time with and who you know you can be yourself with and who will not judge you, kiss and tell or gossip about you and your personal life once your time together has ended.  Gentlemen tell me all sorts of stuff about themselves, where they've been, where they live and this information stays with me and is never ever spoken about outside those appointments.  Yes, another guy might read the blog and say "Oh he sounded lovely, was he married" and I will reply with "Yes, just like you, he's married, lovely, couple of teenage kids and appreciates the time we spend together".  It's left like that.

My role, on an appointment, is not to judge you, it's not to pressure you into booking again, it's to try my very best, with the resources I have, to make your time perfect and to give you the best sex life you could imagine.  I try very hard to make sure that every penny spent on an appointment with me is worth every penny of your hard earned money.  I never forget and I always appreciate that you work hard to be able to treat me and acquire my service and I never lose sight of the fact that there's always a new kid on the block, around the corner, just waiting in the wings.

A short little blog for a Sunday but one that's completely to the point and tries someway to go towards making you realise that an executive escorts role, is that of a person who wants to try and give you the very best of themselves at all times and who wants the executive gentlemen to feel relaxed and comfortable in the knowledge that the person they are seeing is giving them the 110% commitment that they give to their employers.  The gentlemen I see tend to be the gentlemen who don't think twice of going the extra mile in their careers and therefore it should be second nature for the escort that they choose to spend time with to offer that same level of commitment.  Remember guys, we don't find you, you find us and when you find us, the best among us want you to know that you made the right choice in taking a chance on an appointment.  An appointment we want you to enjoy and feel comfortable, confident and positive about.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

A Very Sad Day

What an awful day. I have been so busy since I returned from my holiday. I've had a lovely time seeing guys old and new over the last few weeks but one of my cats took ill over the weekend and today she wasn't looking very well. I phoned the vets but couldn't get an appointment until 4.50pm and so I just set about my day as normal.

My lovely gentleman from abroad sent me a text message at around 10.15am asking if it was a good time to phone.  It's always a good time to phone when it's this certain person and so I said yes and he called me from his office phone, abroad, a few minutes later.  We discussed my holiday, my friend moving house, he asked about the cats because he's met them all and I told him that one of my little ladies wasn't too good today and that we were going to see the doctor later in the day.  He was on the phone about twenty minutes and was genuinely concerned about her and passed on his best wishes.  I am very lucky to have found him,  his compassion and understanding of me and and my life never ceases to amaze me.  We had a laugh over my funny stories about Turkey and I told him I'd tell him the whole kit and caboodle when I next see him, once again, next week.  

I got about my day and then at about 2.45pm I went into my bedroom to check on my little kitty. She wasn't interested in leaving the bedroom this morning but I wanted to take her into the dining room so I could try some food before we visited the vets.  She moaned and complained and I placed her on her favourite cushion.  She let out a cry, all so suddenly, she was never a talker and I said "Oh what's going on baby", she then stood up from her cushion, on all four feet and they gave way, she collapsed and fell to her side and within two minutes she died.  Just died.........................  Oh so sudden.  Within in a few minutes I phoned the vets and cancelled and told them she had died and then I sat on the sofa with her for 20 minutes until her body stiffened and the fluids left her being,  

I immediately contacted a trusted pet crematorium who I have used before and they told me to come and visit them and they took me to a private room at their excellent facility in Durham and we started the process of having her privately cremated.   We chatted for a bit about her life and they took payment (they don't insist on it there and then but I wanted it out of the way) and then I made my way home.

I called into the Co-Op at North Brunton and bought myself a nice bottle of white wine and cooked myself some chips. Comfort food.  Her passing was a complete shock.  I just thought she was a little under the weather and caught a chill but she went so completely and so quickly without warning that I didn't have time to think about what was happening. 

Earlier, I had a former client texting me with stupid nonsense whilst I was trying to carry her and balance her on my arms on the cushion into the car to take her to the pet cemetary. My god did he get a telling.  He was texting me with smart, smarmy rubbish. The person I've have been referring to recently on twitter who I will never ever in my life see, communicate or give time of day to again.  His timing was perfect.  It gave me the opportunity to tell him to leave me alone.  People don't understand the consequences of their actions and they have no respect for what others are doing when they send a text message.  That's why in 15 years working as a gay escort I make a point of never instigating contact with clients because I don't know what is going on in their personal lives at that time.  This person doesn't give others that respect.  That was the ultimate deciding factor to end that chapter.  The death of my lovely kitty of 14 years made me see what a dick people can be, they've always got to have the last say. Apparently it was a joke.  I didn't find it funny with a dead kitten on the passenger seat.

Anyway enough of that nonsense.  I had a lovely little girl and she was taken from me when I didn't expect it. I have one little boy and two girls left and they're all getting older, except the devil child who is immortal.  

I had a shit day and ironically I started my tweets off today being positive.  Look what happened.

Anyway thank you to the many people on twitter, too numerous to mention who paid their respects to me tonight. She might only have been a cat to some but she was my child, I fed, played with, adored, gave treats and cat sweets to her and she never judged me.

Funnily, last night I seen a very devilishly gorgeous guy from Sunderland, once again.  She wouldn't leave the room before he arrived but he was cool with it.  He made a little fuss of her and said "No Steve leave her, it's fine if she's not well and it's her comfort that matters" and we joked about her being the maid and taking the money. That's something I will always remember. Thank you to him too for being so nice and kind.

Steve x