Sunday, 28 April 2013

7 O' Clock In The Morning

31st May 2011

Well....... I went out last night for a bank holiday drinkies, down my local and received a phonecall from what I can only describe as a "rough" sounding individual who wanted to come and see me early this morning.  It was getting to about 10pm anyway so I called it a day to try and get a little rest before my very early morning appointment.

6.30am, he phoned to confirm and get my address details.  I was groggy eyed and had mistakenly slept with my contact lenses in and I was not looking forward to it.  7.10am, he arrived, quite stocky, dozens of tattoos, very well built, the sort of guy you seen on the doors of a nightclub.  A bit of small talk about being at the casino and drinking till very early with mates and I packaged him off to the shower to freshen up.

It wasn't long before he emerged from the shower and he told me what a nice "Gaff" I had and that he'd been lucky at the casino and could we make this 2 hours.  Well, I had nothing much else to do.

He was VERY nervous.  He asked if I had any porn, he likes the amateur stuff so I found something suitable to watch.  He was amazed at how these men could take massive dicks up their arse and I gathered it was his first time with a guy, it was certainly not his first time with an escort though, he knew the drill.

He commented on how impressive my cock was, especially for 7am.  A bit of morning glory never did anyone any harm so without hesitation I grabbed the back of his head and forced him over my cock.  My god for a first time (or so he claimed) he was an expert.  He sucked on my cock for a good 20 mins, keeping one eye on me and one eye on the porn.    I caught sight of his bubble butt, a nice rounded peachy arse, the sort of arse you get from doing a lot of gym time.  I pushed him off my cock and told him to go on all fours.  "You not going to fuck me I am not ready for that mate".  "Oh fuck thats good"  "Fuck fuck fuck".  Yes my tongue was buried deep in his arse crack.  This was most definately the first time my little bouncer type guy had been rimmed.

I must have spent an age down there, his cock got all nice and wet with precum, you could tell that this was an experience that was about to send him over the edge, so I turned him over, put his nice thick stumpy cock in my mouth and within about 6 strokes I had a mouthfull of creamy spunk in my mouth.    "I fucking needed that" he said.

By this time we were hitting 8.30am, he was still well within his two hours but the guilt had set in (as it does with many married guys) and he had another quick shower and away.  I mentioned that he'd paid for 2 hours but he said he'd had all he wanted for this morning but he'd be back very soon and to treat myself to something nice today with the money.

Something nice......... I'd already had something nice.

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