Sunday, 28 April 2013

Two Straight Men

15th June 2011

A few months ago I received a phonecall from a local guy living a few miles away, he was interested in an appointment but with another guy present.  He didn't want another escort present, he wanted another married man to come along.  I asked him if he had someone in mind but he didn't know anyone and asked if I could arrange it.  It's not the sort of thing I can easily arrange either and I mentioned that to him and it wasn't until out of the blue when I received an email asking me for a very similar scenario, that I thought, oh this is a go-er.  The first guy, who we will call Bill, had left me a number I could discreetly text and so I text him a few days ago and asked him to call me and when he did I asked if he fancied that married bloke gangbang.  Oh yes !!! was the reply.  So I emailed back the enquirer and set the wheels in motion.

So......... 11.30am this morning was the date and time agreed.  Bill arrived at  11.25 and 5 minutes later David arrived.

This was a bit bizarre to say the least.  I now had two blokes, on my bed, who didn't know each other, who hadn't met me before and yet we're all there for one thing. Monies out of the way I lay on the bed with a big strapping businessman at one side and a hairy 30's dad type at the other side.

This is how is was going to work.  The role play consisted of two married men on business staying in a twin room together at a hotel who book an escort called Sam.  They ring the agency and Sam comes along but Sam ends up being a bloke, not a bird.  With no one else available, rather than send Sam away they decide that it wouldn't do any hard for Sam to give them a blow job whilst he was there.  So here I am lying on the edge of the bed with Bill and David both taking turns to pump their cocks down my throat, neither of them touching each other (they're straight you see).  Bill then asked David if it would be easier if he took charge of my arse.  “We're not fooking poofters” David said to him, “Well we planned to do Sam up the arse and it's an arse at the end of the day and a mighty fooking fine one at that, he's here to be used anyway” was Bill's reply.

I was really getting into this role play, next thing I know, I am on all fours, Bill is balls deep up my arse and David is balls deep in my mouth.  “Dirty fooking poofter faggot” Bill said, as he was banging away at my arse from the tip to the balls, pulling it out and fucking it back up there deep.  David pulled out of my mouth and went around the other side to inspect.  Look at that fucking arse, it fooking eats cock.    Eats, cock, it's fucking loves cock.

David gave into temptation and got Bill to pull out, no sooner did Bill pull out then David was up that hole.  David's was a bit fatter and warmer for some reason, in it went, straight up, glided in no problem.  “Take that cock, take that fooking cock”, David kept screaming as he fucked my arse so hard the bed was moving along the wooden floor.    After about 5-6 mins, with Bill pumping away at my mouth, Bill gave David the nod that he wasn't far away from cumming and they both pulled out and dumped two big loads all over my arse.  The spunk was dribbling down the cheeks of my arse, down my legs.  I was well fucked and soaked in cum.

Both guys cleaned themselves, up, mentioned how nice it had been and both left, walking in separate directions.  It was only a half hour session but they seemed to enjoy it and it was a first for me and a first for them.

Maybe one day I'll get two straight businessmen in an actual twin room who want to have me around and use my holes.  That would be really fucking horny

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