Sunday, 28 April 2013

Please ................... Cum In My Mouth

26th June 2011

I would be really offended if a guy came to see me and thought he couldn't spunk in my mouth but it seems there's a lot of it about from the recent feedback I've had from clients.  Just for the record, every bloke who comes to see me, can gladly dump all of his spunk in my mouth.  Please do it, I would prefer you to come in my mouth than not.

I seen a guy a few days back who went to visit a gay escort, who sucked with a  condom on.  Oh now come on, it's about common sense here.  I think that's being clinical to the extreme and what pleasure does a client get from having to wear a condom to be sucked off.

Then, I heard about another experience one of my clients had with a guy from outside the area, he did oral uncovered but the client had to signal when he was going to spunk so he could pull away.  I will admit, I am not awfully fond of the taste of spunk, but I don't mind it when it goes straight down and if it's lingering I just take a tissue and remove it from my mouth and then wash my mouth out with strong mouthwash.

I've been sucking cock since I was 18, I have never caught any nasties EVER.  I would be horrified if any clients came to visit me and thought it would be with a condom.   I will however offer oral with a condom if a client insists.

A week or so back, I seen a lovely guy who was dying to fuck an arse.  He was straight, had booked female escorts but was tiring of them offering services they didn't fancy doing once he was there.  He booked escorts primarily for anal sex, however his last lady decided on the day she didn't do that and so he left disappointed.  He came to see me and I let him fuck my arse, finger my arse and lick it out until his heart was content.  He loved the experience (well I think he did by the hard fucking I got) and so again, I was as accommodating as I could be and again, any guy coming here can fuck me, it's never off limits.  Basically if I say I do something then you can rest assured that I do it.

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