Sunday, 28 April 2013

Hairy Blokes

I've never worked out yet why I feel such a slut around hairy men.    I get all unnecessary at the sight of hairy arms, knowing that when he takes his shirt off I am going to be greeted by a wonderful masculine hairy chest.

As soon as I see that hairy chest, I know I want to be topped by him. I want him to pull down my underwear, spit on my arse and ram his cock up there and not stop until he's dumped a massive wad of spunk up my hole., then I want him to pull out and feed me his second load, straight down my throat.  That is my fantasy of course.  It never seems to happen like that hahahahahaha, for a start condoms get in the way. It is nice though when a client comes through my front door and you can tell instantly that this is going to be one ape of a man.  Dark hair, thick shadow, hair on his wrist.  It gets me horny every time.

I should switch off from being bottom to hairy men, but I can't help what turns me on.  I don't mind shagging the arse off a hairy bloke but when he's very hairy, just as I described, I do like to show off the booty in the hope he wants to fuck it.  The turn on is immense when you're lying down on the bed with your legs in the air, his cock pounding away at your arse and this lovely hairy chest in front of you that you can run your fingers though.  Oooh I am getting all turned on just thinking about it.  I have a 3pm coming this afternoon, I hope to god he's hairy.

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