Sunday, 28 April 2013

Bank Holiday Boredom

30th May 2011

I always get bored on bank holidays but last bank holiday was the exception.   Imagine my delight when a tached late 40's navy type bloke knocks on my door looking for a good fucking.

He'd phoned me earlier that day and asked my rates, we agreed on an hour at £70 and I told him where to come to.  He arrived on time, I opened the door to see a horny bloke, moustache, heavy subble, dark and hairy.  He had a short shirt on and the hairiest arms I have seen in a long time.  Woof

I brought him through to my boudoir, I call it boudoir because it's where all the fun takes place.  I was wearing a football top and shorts as he requested.  He pushed the money down the back of my shorts and into my arse crack and dived straight for my pecks.

Within about 5 minutes the shorts were off, his pants were down and he was up my arse.  Fucking rampant.  He proceeded to fuck my arse for about 15 minutes with his 7" cock.  Then it was off with the rubber for a bit of cock worship from my mouth.

He didn't want to cum too soon and I didn't want him to, so we relaxed on the bed and watched some Triga scally porn.  I think it was Council Scum.  This really turned him on and he asked if I had any speedos.  Yep, I have speedos, so it was on with the speedos and on all fours for him whilst he worshipped my arse in tight swimwear, slapping his cock over them and smearing them with his precum.  His excitement couldn't be contained and off went the speedos and in went the cock.  About 20 strokes, a few slaps of my arse and quite a bit of deep fucking went on with his cock pounding my arse from tip to balls and it was time for my treat.  He flipped me around and shot a massive big navy bloke load down my throat.  I had no choice but to swallow the lot.

It's bank holiday Monday again, I wonder if he will phone and come back.

I fucking hope so.

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