Sunday, 28 April 2013

When It Dribbles Down

22nd June 2011

Well wasn't I, a dirty little slut on Tuesday.  I am about 60% passive and 40% active but I do whatever suits the client really.  Well I had two married bum boys to satisfy on Tuesday, both of whom love to get fucked.

The first client of the day is a regular who I have seen a few times, he's FULL ON for the whole appointment from the moment he arrives to the moment he leaves.  It's 30 minutes of sex with the volume turned onto max.  So here I am pumping away at his arse, really deep, so deep my balls were banging off his arse crack, all the way out and fucked all the way back up and I felt myself about to cum.  I asked where he wanted the spunk.  “All over my back” he said.  So I pulled out and  shot the biggest wad of cum in months.  It was all over his back, all over his arse and a big dollop of it slid down the crack between his arse cheeks, all over his arsehole, down his balls and before it dripped onto the bed, I dived down there and licked it off and transferred it to his mouth.  He was so fucking turned on by this that he cum within seconds.  I was in a filthy mood.

About an hour later, still recovering from the session, I received a phonecall from a foreign sounding gentleman.  I wasn't exactly sure if he'd turn up and so to make things easier I asked if I could text my location.  He was thrilled at this suggestion because his English wasn't great.  20 minutes later he arrived, he looked like the spanish waiter guy on Benidorm, mediterranean tan, long dark shoulder length hair.  Yummy.  He came in, lay on his front on the bed and cocked his arse up.  “I read you do rimjob” he said.  Oh I do rim job hahahaha.  I made a beeline for his arse crack, spent a good ten to fifteen minutes licking it out, fingering it, he moaned and moaned, I could tell he was in heaven.  His arse was lovely and clean, really clean, nicely smelling too, he took care of himself.  I knew he could take a finger ok, so I tried two, then I inserted a butt plug, then in went my rock hard cock.  I didn't need to do any work, this sexy guy had a bubble butt that knew how to ride cock, his arse girated and rode my thick swelled cock, clamping onto it with his arse muscles as it rode back and forth.  “Fuck me really fucking hard, all the way out and all the way back up”.  Hmm I'd already been doing that earlier, now this bubble but fuck boy wanted it hard.  I had to oblige.  I was ready for cumming again.  Where do you want it ?” I enquired.  “All over my fuck hole” came the reply.  As I shot my load over his arse, he shot his load all over the towel on the bed”.  Once again, my creamy load dribbled down his arse crack but as he'd already cum I didn't think it appropriate to lick it up and let him taste it.  He's coming back though he said, so maybe I'll do a variation on the fuck and do it then if he's game.

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