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4th June 2011

My peers in this work (other gay male escorts) often screw their face up at the thought of a quick cheap blow job and many disagree with me for offering them, yet I don't see any problem with them.

There are certain escorts out there who think it's beneath them to accept less than £100 but in the world we live in, these days, £100 is something you can't expect to command all of the time.

Yes, I love the thrill of a returning client, especially one that books a longer appointment on their next visit.  You get a buzz because you've obviously done something right but I also spare a thought for those £20 blow job guys who pop in on their lunch break, when delivering in the area or just because a budget determines their outlay.  A few £20 blow jobs a week add up and it's not to be sniffed at.

A client contacted me a month or so back, looking for an appointment when he visits the area later this month, he only requires a blow job, chit chat and some physical contact, after noticing my £20 rate on the site he asked if he could reduce his appointment to a quickie.  Yes, he could but my quickies are just that, come in, unzip, suck, cum, zip up, get yourself away.  They're tailored to the sort of guy who wants no fuss, no chat, just raw unadulterated sex that's over with in about 4 minutes.  I already tell anyone asking for a quickie that the session will not involve any other type of physical contact, I will not be naked and I will not cum.  It's just purely one service on them, if they want the works then the £40 half hour rate is more suited to their needs.

I had a guy phone me a month or so, again wanting the £20 blow job, I told him I could squeeze him in before my 11.30am but that didn't suit.  It takes him about half an hour to cum.  Hmmm that isn't what the quickie is for, if you know it's going to take about half an hour then the half hour rate is more suitable.  Although I love the thrill and the excitement of having a stranger, no name, no chat, drop his pants and make me suck dick, I am not keen on having the piss taken.

So.........the quickie............ it's just that, a quickie, visit, cum and go and see you next time you're in the area.  Simple

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