Sunday, 28 April 2013

Verbal Abuse

5th June 2011

A turn on or a turn off.  I am not talking about the abuse you get from teenagers in the street, I am talking about the type of abuse from 6ft 6 rugby players tackling your arse.

I never knew what a turn on it could be until I started this work.  At first I wasn't too keen on the dirty talk, it never remotely interested me  before I became a working boy but it's something I quite like now.

There's nothing like the thrill of a big burly bloke telling you you're a "fucking dirty cock hungry gay boy" or being told to "tighten those arse muscles because you've got a straight bloke up your fuck hole".  What a turn on.

A few weeks ago I met a guy with the most impressive cock this side of 2011.  Businessman type, suited horny, married and built like a brick shithouse.  Walked in and immediately put his hands on my arse.  "Get on that fucking bed and show me that pussy hole".  Ooh, I thought, we've got a nice butch one here.  So, as you know, I rarely say no.

"That's good, I bet it's had loads of fucking cock this morning".  He proceeded to unzip his pants and rub his cock on my hole.  How fucking forward was this bloke.  "Bet you'd love some more fucking cock up that hole of yours you dirty fucking cock hungry slut".  Ohh yes please.

He didn't even take his shirt off, just loosened his tie as he started pushing his cock up my tight arse.  "Come on you fucking little whore, take that fucking slab of meat all the way to the fucking balls, fucking take it, back up on it, fucking take it".  Well how can a working boy say no when this massive big bloke is riding away, enjoying everything I had to offer.   Next thing I knew he'd pushed me off his cock and flat onto the bed. Off came the shirt and the pants and he lay down to the side  of me and started pushing two fingers inside my arse.  "That's good, nicely fucking open, nice fucking wet hole", he was fingers, spank, fingers, spank, then feeling my arse around the cheeks, more fingers and then he lay flat on the bed with his 8" cock upright and said "Get on that fucking pole and get what you fucking deserve, you fucking arse bending cunt".  Well...................

I must say, it was an interesting appointment.  When he'd finally cum (in my mouth I hasten to add), he sat back down on the bed for 5 minutes and said "Sorry about all the verbal shit but I really like being dominant in bed and making the guy feel subordinate and it's obviously something I can't do at home".

There was no need to apologise. I really enjoyed it

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