Sunday, 28 April 2013

Visiting Businessmen

7th June 2011

Let's not beat around the bush here.  My favourite men are the well groomed visting businessmen, staying in hotels, away from the wife and looking for a nice bit of arse to pre-occupy their time with.  Last night was no exception.

A very pleasant speaking guy phoned me at about 4pm and was checked into a Quayside hotel, could I visit about 7pm for a couple of hours.  Yes, that wouldn't be a problem.

I arrived on time, suitably dressed in a pair of designer jeans and a nice shirt that showed off a bit of my hairy chest, just a pinch to get them excited.  Went straight to the room, where he greeted me at the door with a smile and a hug, he was just my type, 50's bald, bit of a belly but not massive, about 6ft 4, unshaven since 6am, that sort of nice horny looking bloke who gets your cock stirring.   I walked into the room, no kiss at this stage.  He invited me in, grabbed my arse and said, "Looks like that's going to be well abused later........".  He grabbed his suit jacket and invited me to the bar across the road. Ooh that's different, most men want a bit of the action first.  I wasn't complaining though.

A little bit of chit chat about two night stay in Newcastle, a conversation about how I became an escort and I could see that his eyes were more on the prize than the wine.  I suggested we pop back and made ourselves more comfortable.  He agreed that it was an excellent idea.

We got back into the room and he got into me.  He unbuttoned my shirt to reveal my dark brown hairy chest and he proceeded to bite and suck on my nipples.  This is something I love and is always guaranteed to get me rock hard.  Off came the shirt and off came the jeans.  Next thing I know, I am on the bed and his tongue is darting in and out of my tight arsehole. He's still in his shirt and trousers, with his tie loosened.  I must have been there about 15 minutes, I was in heaven, he was some arse rimmer, then he turned me over for a look at the cock, off came the shirt and down came the pants.  Out popped a very fat 8" cock.  He rubbed it between my cheeks and said "This is going to make you fucking scream". Next thing I knew, the head of it was in and soon, after pulling my cheeks apart, the whole fucking thing was up me.  MY GOD did it hurt.   I could only manage about 6 or 7 strokes before I had to pull myself off it and dive down there to suck it off.

I slid down to the end of the bed and got on the floor, undid his belt and pulled down his pants whilst he pumped my mouth with his cock, holding my head to ensure he got it as far down my throat as possible.  I always believe that a good bit of deep throat sets you up nicely for the day and then when I was least expecting it, he pumped a weeks load of cum down my throat. 10 minutes in and I've had load number one.  He pulled out and said "Let's relax and you can lie on the bed and let me worship your cock until I am ready for round two".  As there was little foreplay on this session we'd have to call this midplay.  He spent about 20 minutes just caressing, sucking, wanking and rubbing my cock whilst he composed himself and filled his sack up again.  "Can I have you on your back so I can see your face on every fucking stroke".  I am sure I could oblige.  In went the cock again, swelled as before, it's really opened me but because I'd just had big cock up there, it was more of a pleasure the second time, my arse had got used to the size of it on round two.  My god could this guy fuck, this big bellied, hairy, married businessman knew exactly what he wanted from an escort.  He wanted a guy he could use and who would take his cock for as long as required and my god he got his money's worth.  30 minutes of non stop fucking.  I am surprised I would walk out of the hotel, I'd had so much cock up me that my legs were like jelly.  I could see he was getting close to cumming, his movements got more intense and his cock was getting harder and harder inside of me and really pumping me from the tip to the balls, then all I heard was an almighty growl as he shot a massive load up there.  He pulled out and the condom was about a third full, how could this bloke produce that much spunk on a second round.  He then tipped the condom upside down, poured it over my cock and proceeded to wank me off using his cum as lube until I shot a massive load over his tongue and cheeks.

Quick mop up, chit chat and it was time to get myself away.  As I left the room, he said "See you next month, you dirty little fuck slut and he patted my arse".  Maybe I will see him again, he was very attentive.

It re-affirmed why visiting businessmen are my favourite clients.

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