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Is Seeing Another Bloke Less Like Cheating

3rd June 2011

I've often wondered this.  Judging by the amount of married men that walk through my door in the space of a month, do they see it as less like cheating and less of a risk to be meeting with another guy.

Take Dave (not his real name) married guy 40's, two kids, I even know their dates of birth, they're inked on his back.  His wife hasn't slept with him since the birth of the second child and by the stats on his body, that's quite a few years.  What do the wives think they're doing, having a wank now and again to relieve the stress of do their wives think they've gone as celibate as them.

I asked him if he'd seen female escorts and he said no, he'd always been bisexual and when the physical side died in his marriage he considered seeing a guy as less of a risk.  No female numbers in his phone to be caught out with, Steve could be a mate down the pub he's meeting for a beer after work.

Physically he says I give him more than enough for sexual relief than he ever needed, he comes to see me once a fortnight, gets two rounds in a half hour appointment, he's top so he gets a nice arse to fuck and is guaranteed to be able to cum in my mouth.  "My wife did anal" he told me once "But I don't know what the problem is with wives and sucking cock, I've been married twice and neither of them were too keen".  In his mind, coming to see me meant he could keep his nice family life, days in the park, nice car, two holidays and a semi in a nice part of town and get the sexual side, on the side with no ties.  No smell of perfume when coming home, no lipstick mark, no guilt of being with another woman.

Another of my regular clients, who I will call Kevin, works for one of the 999 services.  Oh it's a pleasure when he phones for an appointment, he's a big strapping bloke, 6ft 7, 38 waist, unshaven look, big massive bloke, just how I like them.  I like all of my clients but the ones like Kevin make the job worth while.  Now he's a conundrum, why you make ask ?  Well, he's got a wife, they have a fab sex life, they go on 2 summer holidays and a skiing holiday every year, he drives a BMW, he's got the nice house etc.  Why does he come to see a male escort ?

"It's the excitement of the unknown" he told me.  The first time he tried it he was at as training exercise in Scotland, got a bit drunk at the bar with a colleague who worked in the same emergency service in a different part of the country, conversation turned to sex.  He went back to the colleagues room for a nightcap and next thing he knew he'd cum in his colleagues mouth.   I bet that wasn't in the training schedule.  Kevin doesn't identify himself as gay or even bisexual, he identifies himself as "Open Minded".  He now fancies anyone who catches his eye, is nice, good in bed and knows how to suck and take cock.  He's greedy and he's progressed to all manor of unspeakable activities since that blow job LOL.

He told me during one appointment, that his wife asked if he'd ever been with another woman, "I said no, I wasn't lying".  He's another that sees it less like cheating.  Yes he's got his cock up another blokes arse twice a month and he gets blow jobs that can go on for an hour but because it's with another guy who won't ever make contact with him, it works, he's got the nice life and then good horny man to man sex on the side a couple of times a month.  A nice rounded sex life to say the least

Maybe it is less like cheating, I don't complain, it keeps me busy and I enjoy every minute of giving them exactly what they want.

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