Sunday, 28 April 2013

Trucker Fucker

29th June 2011

It got to about 6pm last night and I was contemplating a bath and a glass of Chenin Blanc when my phone went.   Nice sounding accent, he asked if I was working and I said yes.  “Could you do an outcall to Stannington for 10pm”.  I was quite happy with that, then he added “I am in a truck parked up”.  Oooh, trucker, a breed of men I never turn down.

I followed his instructions, parked well away and got to his truck and phoned him as instructed.  Got to the side of the cab and he gave me a helping hand up to the cab.  “Nice fine legs you have there mister” he said.  “Let's me get you in the back of the cab”.  I moved over to the back of the cab and his hands slapped firmly on my arse.  “Get those fucking jeans off and get sat on my fucking face”.  Within about 3 minutes of entering his cab, his tongue was entering my arse.  “Hmmmm, fucking tasty hole, how many fucking men have been up there today”.

After about 5 minutes of heavenly arse licking he got me on all fours and rubbed his thick 6” cock up and down my arse crack.  “Giving that a good seeing to in a minute, let me rub my raw cock on your fuck hole”.

He pushed me over onto my back, climbed on top of me coming closer and closer to my face and stuffed his fat cock in my mouth.  “Suck that trucker dick you little cocksucker”.  He banged it in and out of my mouth and then out came the biggest fucking load in ages.  I didn't have a tissue or cloth nearby so the only route for it was to swallow.  Down went a massive fuck load of spunk.

“Put those pants on and we'll get some fresh air, you're still good for the rest of the hour arn't you” he asked.  Well he booked for the hour so why not.  We both climbed down and stood outside the cab.  Tuesday night was a nice clear night in Northumberland and it was still lightish.  His truck was parked up on a type of makeshift layby and there was a fence and a hedge to the side.  There was no passing traffic so we stood up against the fence.  Next thing I knew he hands were all over my crotch.  Down went the zip and in his mouth went my cock.  “Got to have something to occupy my time until my balls fill up again mate”.  Sucked me off, almost to completion, I was almost there when the jeans came down, he turned me around and his cock started growing, I knelt down to my bag, got out my lube and things and up went his cock.  I was being fucked up against a fence, with one leg cocked up on the first bar and my arse being cocked by a horny trucker.  He really did stretch my arse, it's the girth that you can feel more than the length and he fucked away at my hole, banging at it, slapping at it, calling me his bitch boy.   This mid 40's trucker certainly knew how to fuck arse.  He was close to cumming and then he asked me where I wanted it.  “All over my cock”, I said.  He pulled out and wanked a second load off over my cock, then wanked me off and I shot my load all over the fence..

He invited me back into the cab for a cup of tea, both de-spunked.  I sat next to him, normal chit chat, about nothing, told me where he was off to next day and then it was time to go.  Truckers ...... real sex gods on the road.

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