Sunday, 28 April 2013

Go Green - Do It In The Woods

26th June 2011

I've got a little regular guy who I see now and again, he's just a quick £20 blow job, which I don't mind because he pops by every week.  He sent me a text and asked if I would meet him in a layby near Ponteland.  Normally I don't do outdoors, it's not my thing, he asked me to meet him near Horton Grange Hotel.  It's only about 10 minutes away and so I obliged.

Drove up to the layby, pulled in and he asked me to follow him.  Took me to a wooded spot about 10 minutes away from the hotel and I followed him into the trees.  “Drop those fucking pants, I am going to fuck you over that tree”.  So down went my pants and up went his cock.  “Dirty fucking gay cunt, take this fucking dick balls deep”.  Oh what a turn on.  I love verbal !!

It seems he'd been thinking about fucking me in the woods for some time.  It was his fantasy whilst I was on all fours each time he booked a quick blow job appointment.  He needed to experience outdoor fucking and who better with than the guy who services his cock every week.    It was odd though, in all the time I'd seen him he'd never shown any interest in my arse.

So here we are fucking away in this forest and we heard a rustle.  Shit.... someone had been watching us fucking over the tree.  The guy came out from the undergrowth ahead and started rubbing his cock, it was obvious he was up for fun.  Realising it was ok, I relaxed again.  The other guy came over and started playing with his cock.  My client said “This is the whore I've booked and paid for”.  Give him £20 and he'll suck your cock too, so this smart business guy took £40 out of his wallet and said “Nah I'll fuck the slut”.  It seems I'd been set up.  Not only did he want to get me to a wooded area but he got a bloke off a message board to come and fuck me too.  My client pulled his cock out of my gaping arsehole and his mate went straight up.  WOW I was in fucking heaven, tall, hairy 'tached bloke up my arse and my regular in my mouth, in the woods.  I felt like a cheap tart being used by two bisexual men for their gratification.  It wasn't long before he was ready to cum and so I knelt down on the ground and had both of them wank their cum into my mouth.  It's was really fucking horny.  Two big blokes spunking over an escort in a wooded area just outside Ponteland.  Both shot their loads all over my face, most of it in my mouth and then both of them finished off by putting their cocks in my mouth and having me clean them up.  They then zipped up and left.  I followed out about 5 minutes later, still with that after taste of spunk in my mouth, feeling a little abused hahaha.

I got back in the car and got a text and it said “It's my birthday today, I gave the other bloke the £40 to pay you with, see you next week you dirt fucking cum slut, hope you enjoyed living out my fantasy for me, two blokes paying for a slut in the woods”

Too right I did !!!!

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