Sunday, 28 April 2013

Twenty Quid for 3 Minutes Work

6th June 2011

.......It works out at about £400 an hour.

Imagine my delight on Friday, one of the hottest days this year, when a sharp suited, italian looking guy, goatee and a delicious smile knocked at the door at 11am. Not what I was expecting.

Regional accents often give you an idea of what the guy may be like, but only if it's your own local accent. This guy had a west country twang to him and I always think everyone with a west country twang is going to be a 50's farmer so I was pleasantly surprised when he knocked at the door.

I showed him into the room, got straight down on my knees, unzipped his pants to find about 8 and a half inches of pure meat. WOW. Good looking and a hung like a donkey. This was getting better. He grabbed the back of my head and forced his impressive cock down my throat. "Go on suck it you dirty fucking bitch". Ooh yes please, with pleasure.

He was so horny we didn't have time to take off his pants before he started breathing heavy and then released a massive dump of cum that went straight down my throat. He zipped up and got himself back to his day.

Whilst he was performing, I received a text and on it was "Hi M8, in Gosforth ru 3 4 BJ been B4". "Yes, what time" I replied and started tidying up. Next thing I knew the doorbell went. Thinking it's just the gas man or someone trying to sell Avon, I opened the door to find my little regular..... I didn't realise he was so close. I invited him through to the bedroom. "No he said, I've not got fucking time for that, here's your money, now get your fucking laughing gear around that". He'd unzipped in my lobby and here I was sucking off a parcel delivery man at the front door. He shot his load in my mouth and all over my cheeks and said "Crackin, I'll be off, I'll text you next time I am delivering in Gosforth" He'd only been delivering a parcel in the street, had £20 in his pocket and thought - well why not.

The clock wasn't even at 11.20 am and I'd done two, surely this was a record. Nope, the best things come in threes. Phone went, I answered. "Hiya Steve mate, are you still doing that twenty quid offer, just I've been doing some work up in Dinnington and I've got to pop to Wickes at South Gosforth for something and thought I'd call in". Yeah why not lol, every one else has today.

Ten minutes later, my builder guy arrives, filthy overalls, dusty but immaculately clean cock as always. Dropped his work pants (the rigger boots stayed on - what a turn on) and here was my third load of the morning about to deposit on my tongue.

So............ by 11.40am, I had done 3 guys, earned £60 and everyone left happy. I wonder if I can match that record again sometime soon. I hope so. There's nothing wrong with a twenty quid blow jobs, I am happy doing them, the guys that get them are ecstatic that they can be in and out in minutes after shooting a nice big load in my mouth and we can all get on with our day a little bit happier than we were before they arrived.

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