Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Boyfriend Experience

2nd June 2011

It got to 7.45pm last night and I thought it was safe to have a glass of cider, I am quite liking the new Stella Artois one and so I sat down with a cool refreshing beverage and decided to vegetate.  Then 10 minutes later, a lovely speaking gentleman rang and asked to see me for 9pm.  He was travelling from Teesside and could set off now.  Well my boredom was banished for the evening.  I jumped in the shower and sipped my cider in between.

At 8.45, my little friend arrived a little early, but that was ok, I was ready anyway.  I opened the door and in walked Michael Hutchence.  Not the real one, that would be bordering on necrophilia but a very good substitute.  I showed him in and offered him a drink.  “White Wine” he said, oh I thought, he's nice and forward, I like it.  I left him to shower whilst I fixed the wine and an ice bucket.

Came back through to the bedroom and here was this fit bloke, towel strategically placed to offer maximum exposure of a nice bulge, nice chit chat, glass  of wine, easy going conversation.

He made a beeline for my mouth, lips locked, his hair, wet from the shower, dangled everywhere and in no time he had my Firetrap jeans and designer shirt on the floor, revealing a pair of sexy Hugo Boss pants.  “Hmm” he said, “They're Tasty”.  Tasty or not, they weren't on long.

Wow, passionate, attentive, knew where to place his fingers.  He knew that arse crack was available and so that was his first point of contact.  I went to do 69 on him and he didn't bother with my swelled 7” cock, he went straight for the prize.  His tongue hit my arsehole with so much force that it was practically penetration.  With my cheeks pulled apart I couldn't concentrate on his bits and pieces, he had me hooked.  I had to take five minutes to myself to come down from the sheer ecstacy that a proper rimmer can achieve.  I joked that I am the North East's finest rimmer and he was stealing my thunder.  His arse attention didn't stop there.

No sooner had I settled down on the bed after an amazing oral session on my manpussy then he was prodding it with his very impressive cock.  Rubbing his bellend on my arse crack.  I knew what he wanted.  Rubber on and it was up, no need for lube, I was already wet, he got himself a little carried away and had to pull back.  “I don't want to come yet, I have just arrived”.

It was time for a second glass of wine, however he filled his to the top and didn't pour me one.  Yep, you guessed it, he wanted to feed it to me.  Sipping a mouthful and transferring it to my mouth in a kiss.  He was a dirty bastard, all the time rubbing my very hard cock, whilst I devoured the wine and he devoured me.  We chatted about fumbling experiences with men, giggled at the porn on the TV and then it was back to business.   This appointment was all about me.

When a man becomes a lover it crosses a line and I felt like I was experiencing that much talked about Boyfriend Experience (much more commonly known as the GFE – Girlfriend Experience) but it wasn't on my side it was on his.  Don't get me wrong it was fanfuckingtastic.

After a few more strokes up my arse, he pulled out, grabbed both cocks until we both came at almost the same time and I got soaked in a cum shower.  He then got himself his last glass of wine and started chatting.  I said, “Excuse me but I smell like a spunk whore, do you mind if I shower it off for a second”.  “Go ahead” he said, “I'll pour you some wine”.

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