Sunday, 28 April 2013

First Time Sympathy

1st June 2011

It's amazing how many "straight" types have got to a certain age and missed out on some of life's little wonders.

Just a few days ago, I seen a guy who had never been rimmed.  Never experienced those tingling sensations it makes throughout your body and had never even attempted to ask for anal sex with a partner.

It makes me realise just how important a sex workers role is in the rich tapestry of life.  It's no good going through life wondering what something will be like, you've actually got to get out there and live it.

My first client of the day was a nice older gentleman, about 47, arrived, showered in my ensuite and lay on the bed and asked me to "Get down below and give it some tongue action".  I presumed he meant his arse, it is my speciality afterall, I've been told countless times that I am the best rimmer on Tyneside.  So...... out with the tongue and down to his crack.  I must have spent about 20 minutes down there, I could hear the moans and groans of ecstasy, the feeling of wetness from his precum and I knew he was enjoying it immensely.  Imagine my surprise when I came back up for air and the guy said to me "I meant my cock but that was fantastic, I never knew how sensitive it was, can you get down there again please".

Well I am not known for saying no, so once again I obliged.  He ended up spending 40 minutes of a one hour appointment with his legs in the air, his cheeks spread and a escort tonguing out parts of his anatomy that not even his wife had ventured to in their 25 years of marriage.

This then brings me to the next part of this story.  Later that day, another gentleman caller arrives.  It's someone I've seen before but last time he came it was just a quick blow job, in, out, cash, thanks, bye. This time he wanted to book a little longer.  He was another nervous type and I wonder why he wanted to extend.  Seems he's been thinking too much about that arse of mine since our last encounter.

The last time he visited, I gave him a blow job and when he was about to shoot he wanted me on all fours on the bed so he could shoot his load all over my arse.  He was so turned on by my arse and the fact it's available, that he'd spent the last 3 weeks wanking over it.   Anyway... in he came, money sorted, lyrca D&G underwear as requested and I am again on all fours on the bed whilst he proceed to wank over my underwear and then my arse.  I passed him a rubber and got myself into position. A lot of fumbling about going on and then suddenly in it pops.  I quickly realised why he's never experienced anal before, yes he was the girth of a coke tin.  His cock was about 6 inches long but it was proper fat and heavy.  I'd forgot about how big it was on the blow job appointment, it's impossible to remember everything about everybody who visits.    I would never forget again.  After about 7-8 minutes he was ready for cumming.  A big massive thrust, that nearly threw me to the other side of the room and the act was over.  I pulled myself off him and relaxed on the bed.  He started with a little bit of chit chat and then told me that his partner had always turned down anal sex with him.  I sort of knew why.  He's thought it was fab and he needed about 20 minutes to compose himself and could we have a second round.  Again, as I have said, it's rare I say no.  So, bit of chit chat, a bit of oral on me and we're back up my hole again.  This time for a lot longer, well.... the second coming always takes time.  I felt like a  melon was being thrust in and out of me, pleasurable yes but my god it fooking hurt at times.

He was a nice guy again, pleasant, good looking, respectful but whereas I had a bit of sympathy with my first client of the day, It was the wife of the second that I had the more sympathy for.  I realised why something was off the menu during their sex life together.  The woman would have been stretched to high heaven if she'd had to take that monster cock up her arse for her entire adult life.  The sympathy for client two was entirely at her door and to some degree my door, because I'd just taken it..... TWICE.

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